Technician for production supply, Ringsted 

Do you have high spirits, strong drive, and do you enjoy diving into new challenges? Do you also have an education in craftmanship or are you trained in industry, such as an industrial electrician, automation technician, or similar? Are you interested in working with operation and maintenance in a modern abattoir? If, in addition to the above qualities, you also have a refrigeration certificate or a boiler operator certificate, or if you would be interested in undergoing theoretical and practical training in these disciplines, that would be a plus! If so, Danish Crown in Ringsted would be the right place for you!

You will become part of the technical department, responsible for the operation and maintenance of production supply equipment and involved in various project work. You will be part of a team of consisting of 9 colleagues who operate and maintain supply facilities and buildings, while also developing and optimizing the systems with a focus on reducing costs and energy consumption. The factory employs approximately 1,000 employees and slaughters around 40,000 pigs weekly.


Supply in the Technical Department
Your overall responsibility will be to maintain the supply in the best and most cost-effective manner. Your tasks will primarily involve minor maintenance and monitoring of various supply units – ventilation, compressed air, refrigeration compressor, purification systems, water supply, buildings, plumbing installations, etc.


Your primary tasks will include: 


  • Repair tasks to ensure supply 
  • Service and maintenance of the supply system, including planning and execution
  • Participation in various modifications 
  • Replacement of pumps/valves in water supply 
  • Replacement of filters and belts for ventilation systems 
  • Monitoring and supervision of supply systems


You will be part of the operation, and your working hours will be from 08:00 to 16:00, as you will hand over the operational status to the evening shift.


Proactive and quality-conscious with a good understanding of mechanics and electronics
You are likely to come from a position where you have gained a solid understanding of preventive maintenance and IT-based controls in industrial and production settings. It is also advantageous if troubleshooting a machine or supply unit is not unfamiliar to you. Moreover, it's important that you have a willingness to learn about many new systems, and over time, you have the ability to approach things proactively and be self-driven. You understand and can speak English on a basic level, and you are familiar with the basics of speaking Danish, with a willingness to further develop your Danish skills.


As an individual, you are dependable, efficient, and quality-conscious. Furthermore, you are solution-oriented, persistent, and possess good collaboration skills, as production is our "customer" across the entire factory. You are also capable of working independently and maintaining composure and clarity in high-pressure situations.


If you have questions about the position, feel free to contact Facility and Supply Manager Carsten Petersen at +45 2469 5375.


Start as soon as possible.


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Job Segment: Facilities, Supply, Production Manager, Maintenance, Social Media, Operations, Manufacturing, Marketing